Aerodynamics is everywhere in our lives: it exerts its influence over our sports, our modes of transportation, the buildings we occupy, even our speech. The laws of aerodynamics apply to bugs, birds, and Boeings as well. And although the mechanics of flight vary considerably among these fliers, the magic of flight occurs within the same small window of opportunity for all of them.

Discover the connections between crane flies and 747s; jellyfish and jet engines; sharks and golf balls; airplanes, helicopters, and flying cars. Meet great thinkers and tinkers such as William of Ockham, Isaac Newton, Daniel Bernoulli, the Wright Brothers, and more. Explore aircraft stability and control with an index card. Design a real flier using a simple mathematical relationship.

Depict airplane performance on just two diagrams. Learn how mindset influences your performance. Discover how mind, body, and emotion interact to shape your experiences. Practice tiny techniques to overcome stress in your quest for peak performance.

Are you an educator, student, pilot, scientist, engineer, artist, or athlete with a learner’s mindset? Then join us for dynamic discussions and experiential activities. Through the lens of aviation, you will gain new insights into the world around you and renewed awareness about yourself!

Experiential Discovery using a Wheelbarrow

Interactive Demonstration of Roll, Yaw, and Pitch during The Art & Science of Flying Ground School