For pilots, teachers and their students, anyone with a learner’s mindset!

The Problem: The United States needs to produce more STEM* teachers and graduates in STEM majors, as well as generate greater interest in STEM among women, minorities, and underserved students.

An Underused Resource: Aviation is an engaging topic, and small airports intrinsically are STEM-rich environments.

A Solution: While many initiatives are under way in an attempt to arrest the nation’s freefalling STEM education system, aviation-themed outreach programs can provide a ready solution to the national STEM problem.

Hence The Art and Science of Flying Ground School, a full day workshop to share, enlighten, and empower. By weaving history, biology, and technology into a dynamic exploration of the wonder of flight, this interactive ground school generates enthusiasm for STEM through the lens of aviation. The Art and Science of Flying also:

  • Fosters personal growth and empowerment
  • Offers new ways to overcome obstacles and approach problem solving
  • Provides insights into achieving peak performance in any endeavor
  • Facilitates fun interaction between pilots and non-pilots
  • Gives pilots new ways to view their flying experience and relate it to others

Very well done, really enjoyable – G.F.
Excellent workshop – R.T.
Course content was great – K.K.
Thanks for a valuable and enjoyable presentation – C.J.

Participants were unanimous: Art and Science of Flying met their expectations and they would recommend it to others.


*STEM = Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math