Description: Aerodynamics is omnipresent in our lives: it exerts its influence over our sports, our modes of transportation, the buildings we occupy, even our speech. When we embrace aerodynamic principles and employ them with confidence, a remarkable convergence of science and artistry often results.

Nowhere does this convergence become more evident than when expert pilots skillfully manipulate aerodynamics to achieve a desired result with their airplanes. This interactive ground school weaves history, biology, and technology into a high-level exploration of the wonder of flight in general, and of airplane and human performance in particular.

Through the lens of aviation, pilots and non-pilots, educators and students—anyone who marvels at fliers—will gain not only new insights into the world around them, but also renewed awareness about themselves. Bring a learner’s mindset; wrap yourself in curiosity; and be prepared to engage in a dynamic discussion!

Simple Motion Simulator Demonstration, Art & Science of Flying Ground School

Interactive Demonstration of Roll, Yaw, and Pitch during The Art & Science of Flying Ground School

About the Debut: The Art and Science of Flying opened to rave reviews on May 3, 2014 at Alexandria Field Airport as part of the 19th Annual New Jersey Aviation Conference. Eighty people attended the daylong event, with 43 responding to a post-event survey. Respondents included pilots, aviation enthusiasts, school teachers and students, and a life coach. The composite grade based on the key metrics Content, Presenters, and Food and Facility was an A- for the event overall. Further, survey respondents were unanimous that the ground school met their expectations and that they would recommend it to others. Here are a few of the comments received:

Very well done, really enjoyable – G. F.
Excellent workshop – R.T.
Course content was great – K. K.
Thanks for a valuable and enjoyable presentation – C. J.

By all measures, the inaugural Art and Science of Flying Ground School was a resounding success! So who wants to host the ground school next?