Course Outline

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Part I — Clearing Your Imagination for Take Off

    • Introduction
    • The Learner’s Mindset
    • Brief History of Aerodynamics
    • Aerodynamics in Everyday Life
    • Airplanes as Spacetime Machines
    • Baseball, Flying, and the SHELL Construct

Part II — The Aerodynamics of Flight Revealed

    • Birds, Bees, Boeings and the Great Flight Diagram
    • The Essential Theory – Wind and Angle of Attack
    • The Language of Flight
    • Managing a Collection of Wings
    • One + One = Four Forces
    • Exploring Airplane Design with an Index Card

Part III — The Living Labs Experience

    • An Airport-School Collaboration
    • Injecting Aerodynamic Concepts into STEM Education*
    • The Magic and Mechanics of Myelin
    • The Kingwood Township School “Living Lab” Project

Part IV — Airplane Performance: What Planes Do and Why

    • Designed to Perform
    • Maneuvering Flight Performance
    • Climbing Flight Performance
    • Elements of Performance

Part V — Human Performance: What We Do and Why

    • Stress and Performance
    • Finding Your Peak Performance Zone
    • The Flying Effect™
    • Maximizing Your Learning Experience
    • Experience vs. Memory

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*STEM = Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math